Centre Schedule

Disclaimer: Information accurate as of 3 February 2023. Please call 6253 1169 or email [email protected] for any queries.

Xin Yuan provides centre-based services such as regular health checks to our seniors, daily group exercise, physiotherapy/TCM services, meals/grocery distribution, and other support services.  We also create the space and opportunity for our elderly to interact with each other and to participate in meaningful activities such as arts and crafts, to keep them mentally and socially engaged.

Xin Yuan is immensely grateful to its team of nurses, programme and centre staff, with support from resource physiotherapists, fitness instructors and TCM doctors, and volunteers that serve with us from the heart.

Through our Vision for Youth Programme, Xin Yuan provides academic assistance, mentoring and enrichment support to our student beneficiaries of primary and secondary levels. Our step-up tuition programme consists of regular tuition and mentoring support to our student beneficiaries and access to online learning management systems to support their learning needs.

If you’re interested to sign up as a volunteer tutor, click here for more information.