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Corporate Social Responsibility

As a non-profit organisation, Xin Yuan relies heavily on collaborations and support from grantmakers, donors and corporate partners. As our charity is committed to offering services free of charge to our beneficiaries, the invaluable support from stakeholders enables the organisation to fulfil its social mission.

Xin Yuan is deeply appreciative of the support extended by donors and partners as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and philanthropic initiatives.

We welcome all companies who are moved to make an effort. Please write to us at [email protected] to explore CSR partnerships and philanthropy.

Several noteworthy collaborations include:

ST Engineering International Volunteer Day with Guest-of-Honour President Halimah Yacob (2022)

Yanmar Asia and Chong Lee Leong Seng (YASC-CLLS Charity Golf 2022)

Woh Hup Trust and Woh Hup (Private) Limited Whistler Grand Project (2022)

Staff Engagement

Empower Your Workforce: Unleash the Potential of CSR Activities!

Corporate Giving

Boost Your Business:
CSR Activities for Companies


Empower Your Workforce: Unleash the Potential of CSR Activities!

Participate in CSR initiatives to reap a variety of rewards for both the company and the employees, including:

  • Increase morale, job satisfaction, and personal development
  • Increase employee retention by encouraging a sense of dedication and devotion to the company


What your team or department can do for Xin Yuan’s beneficiaries:

  • Plan unique activities or outings for seniors and youths
  • Facilitate regular enrichment sessions with seniors
  • Provide tuition support to youths


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Benefits of CSR:

Enhanced Workforce Engagement:

Opportunities for professional development:

Positive effects on company culture include:

Businesses build happier, more engaged, and more motivated workforces by promoting employee involvement in CSR initiatives, which benefits both the business and society at large.

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Tuition 2.0

A step-up tuition programme which provides regular tuition and mentoring support to our student beneficiaries and access to online learning management systems to support their learning needs.

Bursaries and School Supplies

We support our students with school shoes, bags and other school needs and we award them with bursaries, through the kindness of our generous donors.

Holiday Workshops and Activitie

We organise Learning Journeys to fascinating places in Singapore, including centre-based and remote interactive activities to provide opportunities for youths to widen their knowledge in various aspects.


Boost Your Business: CSR Activities for Companies

Learn how Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can benefit your company:

How your Company’s contribution provides for Xin Yuan’s Beneficiaries:

Why CSR is important for businesses:

Successful CSR initiatives include:

To overcome obstacles in putting CSR activities into practise:

Companies may enhance their brand, draw in top talent, and support sustainable development for a better future by implementing CSR activities.

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