Food Wise Good Life Programme

Food Wise Good Life Programme

Supporting low-income seniors in health and nutrition

Due to mobility issues, seniors especially those living alone may find it difficult to buy groceries especially during the pandemic, and those with financial challenges will be very limited in purchasing healthier options.

As a response to this pressing need, we created the Food Wise Good Life (FWGL) Programme, a community fridge initiative that aims to supply seniors and needy families with weekly fresh and nutritious foods, to support their physical health.

Under FWGL, we also distribute meals and grocery items to our beneficiaries in collaboration with our donors and partners. This programme forms part of our holistic support to seniors, which includes the provision of therapeutic services, regular health check-ups and social activities to keep them physically, mentally and socially active and healthy.

We welcome donations of fresh fruits, vegetables, grocery items and packged meals to support our elderly and vulnerable families. Please contact us at [email protected].

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