Heart for Seniors Programme Fundraising

Campaign Period: 15 March 2022 to 28 February 2023

Fundraising target: $150,000

(with Dollar-for-Dollar matching by Tote Board and the Government, under the Enhanced Fundraising Programme)

About The Campaign

Support seniors to proactively age in place

Heart for Seniors Programme Fundraising aims to raise funds for Xin Yuan’s initiatives for seniors as we support them to proactively age in place, or live in the community with dignity, connection, social support and independence, and assist them to optimise their quality of life. Many of our elderly beneficiaries suffer from chronic medical conditions and require close monitoring and support.

Through our Day Activity and Wellness Centre, we serve seniors through the provision of basic healthcare services, daily fitness exercise sessions, weekly physiotherapy and TCM services, regular food and nutrition programmes, enrichment and social activities, and financial assistance. We also extend relevant support services to the caregivers and their families.

The impact and outreach of this programme is only possible through the generosity and kindness of our donors and our collaborations with schools, volunteer groups, grassroots organisations and other stakeholders.

We invite donors to support this meaningful initiative. Donations to the Heart for Seniors Programme will be matched dollar-for-dollar by Tote Board and the Government through the Enhanced Fund-Raising (EFR) Programme. Donors will also be entitled to 2.5 times tax deduction incentives.

 How You Can Support:

Here’s how your donation makes a difference:

  • With your $20 donation, you can provide one day’s meal to an elderly.
  • With your $50 donation, you can support one senior with groceries.
  • With your $100 donation, you can help two seniors with Parkinson’s Disease, history of stroke and other health issues to have physiotherapy session.
  • With your $200 donation, you can help 30 seniors to attend group fitness exercise sessions.


For campaign enquiries and support: call 6253 1169 or email: [email protected]