School Partnerships

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School Partnerships

In line with Xin Yuan’s key thrust of promoting intergenerational bonding and making a positive impact on the younger generation, the centre welcomes partnerships with schools and youth volunteer groups for values-in-action programmes, volunteerism efforts and community outreach projects.

Xin Yuan advocates that when students are provided with opportunities to serve the less fortunate, these help to cultivate positive values and social responsibility. They also develop to become responsible citizens and future leaders with a social purpose.

Benefits of Student Volunteerism:

Develop new skills: Volunteering provides an opportunity for students to learn new skills and gain experience in areas that they may not have otherwise had the chance to explore.

Build a sense of community: Volunteering allows students to become more involved in their communities and develop a sense of belonging and responsibility.

Make a difference: Volunteering provides an opportunity for students to make a positive impact on the world around them and to contribute to causes they care about.

Gain perspective: Volunteering can broaden a student's perspective by exposing them to new people, cultures, and experiences.

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Tuition 2.0

A step-up tuition programme which provides regular tuition and mentoring support to our student beneficiaries and access to online learning management systems to support their learning needs.

Bursaries and School Supplies

We support our students with school shoes, bags and other school needs and we award them with bursaries, through the kindness of our generous donors.

Holiday Workshops and Activitie

We organise Learning Journeys to fascinating places in Singapore, including centre-based and remote interactive activities to provide opportunities for youths to widen their knowledge in various aspects.