Heart for Seniors Programme

Heart for Seniors Programme

Helping seniors to proactively age in place, or live in the community with dignity, connection, independence and quality of life.

Heart for Seniors is a holistic programme that looks after the physical, social, emotional and psychological needs of our seniors, as well as support services for their caregivers. Many of our elderly beneficiaries suffer from chronic health conditions and are at risk of isolation and loneliness.

We support them by providing regular healthcare and therapeutic services, daily group fitness exercise sessions, and social and enrichment activities to promote active ageing. Needy seniors receive further support such as essential aid and financial assistance.

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Daily Regular
Health Checks

Our team of nurses provide free health checks and monitoring for the elderly

Use of Specialised Exercise Machines

Computerised training equipment are available in our centre for seniors’ exercise needs and rehabilitation 

Daily Group
Fitness Exercise

Crucial to achieving optimal health is participating in regular fitness exercises facilitated by trained instructors

Social and Enrichment Activities

Arts and crafts, fun games and activities are organised regularly to keep seniors mentally and social engaged

Physiotherapy Services

One-on-one sessions for seniors with Parkinson’s disease, history of stroke and other illnesses

Diet and Nutrition

We distribute packed meals and groceries including fresh vegetables and fruits to our elderly

Essential Aid and Financial Assistance

Low-income seniors receive grocery items, packed meals, fresh vegetables and fruits and other necessities

Caregiver Training and Guidance

We organise eldercare trainings for caregivers and provide guidance on seniors’ health-related issues.